We painted the cabin...........


A new year, A new post

Wow, time has surely slipped by without me posting.  But life continued to happen....
Here are a few highlights and memories ....

Annual GrandKids + Chloe NYE party, Lydia's birthday, Tabitha's birthday and Avery's
Chloe's birthday (Rock City) and Elijah's birthday
Easter memory, Curtis & his boys Johnny, Devin & Terry
Muddy's Birthday
Rock City with Avery

Anniversary of Dad's move to heaven
May memories of Colby's graduation & Crystal's graduation
also Chelsea's birthday
and Devin's twins, Laila & Levi



Four of our grand loves have birthdays beginning July 17th and ending Sept 1st.  So this year - we took them all with Nana (aka me), Popaw (aka Curtis) and Aunt Chloe to Lake Winnie.  They loved celebrating their birthdays this way! 

Julian Atticus Cartwright (son of our daughter, Lydia Brannen) turned 8 on July 17, 2016

Malachi (son of our daughter-in-law, Peaches Pollard) turned 7 on July 18, 2016

Catelynn Jeannell Crockett will turn 11 on August 18, 2016 and her baby brother, Collin Wayne Bradlee Crockett will turn 10 on September 1, 2016

It just so happens that Lake Winnie's carousel turned 100 years old in 2016
So we thought it was fitting to get the birthday boys & girl's picture
L-R Collin, Julian, Mali and Catelynn

Since Collin & Catelynn haven't had their birthdays yet, we lined them up, including Aunt Chloe, by their current ages from right to left.........
7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
Mali, Juls, Collin, Cate and Chloe

I am so thankful we were able to take these kids to Lake Winnie.  I realize life is short.  I hope they will someday look at this blog and realize just how much I love them and enjoy being with them. 


Movin' on up!

Time really does fly when you're having fun!  
Hard to believe our baby girl is graduating from 5th grade!  
Middle School - Here She Comes!

Also hard to believe our granddaughter, Crystal Jade Mae Wilson 
(Terry & Amie's oldest daughter) graduated high school!
Congratulations Crystal!


Amazing how much time has passed since my last blog post.  I feel sure this picture might explain part of the lack of posting.  My wonderful Daddy, after battling chemo like a King, later had cancer again and gained his reward in heaven on 4/15/2014.  This is the date his beloved Pumzika Acres became our Crockett Camp.

This picture was taken on Dad's "mule" at Pumzika Acres - with his famous coffee cup.  :-)  PUMZIKA Daddy!  I love you!


Strength for the Journey III

June 20, 2012 - Dad's last chemo treatment!  Praise the Lord! 
He was "King for the Day"
and we know the Real King brought us through all this and gave the strength for the journey!


Cherished Time!

Recently got to spend some cherished time with mom & dad!
  Don't get enough of it.  Love you Mom & Dad!



Since my last blog - dad is now over half way through with the scheduled treatments!  Praise the Lord!

This pic was dad's 6th treatment - but he has already finished #7!!  We are still praising the Lord for minimal side effects.  There was some sickness in March, but at this point, things are looking much better.

Dad has been blessed with the ability to keep his chin up and rely on God's strength - especially since He told him He was healing him!  One bit of "therapy" has been to go to Frankie & Rick's once - to "turkey" hunt.  Seems the turkeys did come - but they were there 3 days later.  Oh well, nice relaxation point for dad and still close enough to home.  Glad he was able to go.

Daddy, Frankie & Rick
So many people have continued to pray for dad and be as helpful as they can.  Tabby called and sang & played to dad - GREAT therapy!  Too bad I don't have a pic of that!  Or, better yet, a musical video.  ;)

Jean Moore & Irma Williams have continued to bring food to mom & dad.  Even my friend Christina (who hadn't even met mom & dad until she did this...) made a marvelous, scumptious meal for them.  AND, she even cooked extra for me and my family!  Here's a pic of one of the servings I had - not including the cranberry sauce....

Thank you God for providing mental and physical strength for this journey!
And, thank you God for blessing me
 with the ability to use FMLA so I can be with dad some during this journey!
Seeeee - there are blessings - even with burdens ;)



I started the New Year off - by taking off work!  YAY Me!  I am so thankful I was able to take the first week of 2012 off from work!

The new year brings a new journey.... one that I've not been down before with my daddy.  So nice to know God is with us on ALL of our journeys. 

After a routine colonoscopy, 5 cat scans and surgery, 3 tumors were removed and my sweet, seemingly "healthy as a horse" daddy was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in late 2011.  Chemo-"therapy" was prescribed. 

Step One:  Port Surgery - Insertion of a port which will accept the chemo cocktail - was installed by Dr. Portera (oncology surgeon) on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012.  The surgery itself was about a 40 minute procedure. 

STEP TWO:  Wed, January 4th - He looks so Good!  You wouldn't know he's the patient! 
Just had surgery yesterday and sitting, waiting patiently on the medical oncologist, Dr. Stipinov, to tell us the next steps.
"Support Personnel"
aka Sweet Momma

Step TWO: Round One of Chemo

Riding thru Chemo like it's Nothin'

This is the "Treatment Room" - a room that holds about 40 "recliners", many supportive nurses 
and on this day - a pretty lady :0)

We left the treatment center with a pump inserted into the port.  This pump can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder and pumped chemo into the port for another 48 hours. 

Friday, we went back to the treatment center - where they removed the pump.

While I realize this was Round One - of thirteen- God was certainly with us and gave dad strength for the journey!  Praise the Lord - dad experienced very little nausea and overall, did remarkably well.

Now, only twelve more to go!  You can Do it Daddy! 
God gives Strength for the Journey!!!


End of the Year 2011 - GrandDaughter Day! Dec 30th & 31st

Grand Daughters Day 2011 consisted of my granddaughters, Catelynn & Chelsea and my grand Daughter, Chloe!  We missed you Crystal!

Got our Aprons On and Ready to Cook!

To make Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza, you first knead the dough...

It's Sticky Nana!

Spread the Sauce on the Baked Dough

Now it's time to Bake Cookies!  First, you add the butter, sugar and eggs....

We didn't use the KitchenAid Mixer - We have the Grand Daughter Mixer!

Time to add the chocolate chips!

Can we Please Lick the Batter?

Time to Reap the Rewards!

All that Grand Daughter Sweetness made these the sweetest Ever :0)

Time for a movie & popcorn - with a little drawing in between

Sweet Girls at the GreenWay

Chloe riding her bike she got for Christmas - on the GreenWay
Perfect Stop for the End of the Year -
Memaw & Popaw's House!

And the rest of 2011...

How quickly time has passed.  I have visions of keeping this blog up to date, and then I end up living life more than writing about it.  Maybe 2012 will bring more writing?  Come what may, I intend to keep up this simple blog with a few readers for one main purpose - the hope that one day my children, grandchildren, friends and family can look back over my blog and see "Wow!  She REALLY loved me!"

Here are a few pics from my blessed life in November and December 2011.  As you can see, the smiles on these faces are just a few of my favorite things in life.  Thank you God!

I turned 46 on Nov 14th & my kids/grandkids had supper with me and even brought the cake (Italian Creme, of course)!

Dad - aka - GREAT Popaw
Durham family
Crockett Family

Engaged!  Jonah McCallister & Lydia Brannen

Jaycox Family Represented!  This plate is SO VERY SPECIAL!  My sweet sister, Tabitha gave this to me about 15 years ago.  I took it (loaded with cookies) to Mom & Dad's last year for Christmas as Tabitha and family was in New York.  My other sweet sister, Frankie took it home with her last year and brought it back this year (loaded with spicy/yummy crackers)!
Mom - aka - Memaw 'busted' as she let Julian sneak more food

Julian & Chloe eating a fudgesicle - well, more like playng with it at this point LOL